Heat recovery from pool and spa ventilation system

Due to the current situation in the energy market and the upward trend in prices, especially for natural gas, our company has carried out research and technical work on the subject of heat recovery from ventilation units of hotel business facilities with aqua zone.

We analyzed the air parameters of ventilation systems, heat consumption graphs, and the heat supply scheme of one of the hotels with an aqua complex located on the territory of Estonia. As the analysis showed, heat recovery from ventilation systems is extremely effective.

This is due to the fact that even at an outside air temperature of -21°С, the air emitted from the ventilation system of the aquazone has a temperature of about +8°С, and, importantly, the relative humidity of the air is at the level of 90-100%. This allows you to generate an amount of heat comparable to the constant needs of the heating system. The use of heat pumps developed by our company will cover up to 100% of heat demand in the summer months, and up to 50% in the winter months.

Heat consumption in the system and production by the recovery system
The graph displays the demand of the heating system and the possibility of heat recovery in % of the rated output of the heating system on each of the 365 days of the year. In the calculation, data on outdoor air temperature for 2021 were taken.

A favorable moment is the fact that the temperature of the heat carrier in the return line of the pool water heating system has a low temperature, +25..+30°С. 

This allows the heat pump, by giving off heat to this system, to work with a large energy efficiency factor, spending less electricity.

Below is a diagram of the interaction of a heat pump developed by our company and a supply and exhaust ventilation system with a built-in heat exchanger.

Distinctive features of the proposed heat pumps

  • Outdoor construction
  • Reliable components from leading European manufacturers
  • Low drag evaporator with antifreeze function
  • Fully functional controller with individual control program and remote access
  • Possibility of placing the circulation pump inside the housing

Feasibility study of the recuperation system on the example of a ventilation unit serving the premises of the aquazone for heating temperatures of the coolant up to 45°C/60°C.

Winter, -21°C
Air temperature, °С+8.6+30
Air consumption, m³/h6600 (30% of the total cost of 22000)6600 (30% of the total cost of 22000)
Thermal power, kW36.27 / 41.9250.35 / 55.7043.31 / 48.81
Energy consumption, kW(/h)8.32 / 14.348.27 / 14.598.3 / 14.47
Gas saving, m³(/h)4.28 / 4.955.94 / 6.575.11 / 5.76

The economic efficiency of retrofitting ventilation systems with recuperative heat pumps is very high.

With an electricity cost of 0.2 Euro/kW and a gas price of 2.4 Euro/m³, the heat pump consumes electricity by 14541.6 Euro/year, while reducing gas consumption by 93767.04 Euro/year in monetary terms. Total savings 79225.44 Euro/year

Estimated payback of the project is 1-2 years.

Our team, having all the necessary competencies, is ready to perform a full range of works on equipping your ventilation units with heat recovery systems.

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  • Gas consumption for December 2021.
  • Characteristics of ventilation systems (project, technical data)

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